The most successful chapters of HiQBN are comprised of participants who are sincerely committed to helping one another.

Time Commitment

For now, every Saturdays we meet and discuss in

Attendance is critical for members to best cultivate relationships with others in their chapter. Members are allotted three absences in a six-month period and can send a substitute in their place to avoid an absence. Outside of the weekly 90-minute meetings, members are encouraged to build relationships with other members by having One-to-Ones, opportunities to get to know another member and get a deeper look at another’s business.

Membership Investment

Members pay an annual membership fee which gives them access to 52 networking meetings a year, professional development opportunities, experiences to help them become better business, people, podcasts, newsletters and more. Individual chapters may also set annual or monthly dues to cover the cost of the meeting space, refreshments and outside, member-only activities.


Members are suggested to mentor fellow members as well as welcome new members and provide insights and knowledge about their market sector, experiences as well as opportunities for the betterment of fellow member and improve the collective intelligence of the committee.