Membership of HiQBN is open to everyone. HiQBN is not limited to High IQ members only but to anyone whose Quotient is higher than average in their respective fields of specialization. For those with higher quotients, they will be elected by their specialized committee to represent their core competencies.

e.g. High EQ – emotional quotient, IQ – intelligence quotient, FQ – financial quotient etc

Anyone above quotients of 164 (sd 24) in any field is automatically qualified for nominee positions in HiQBN Board Committee (HBC).

We currently have 4 membership categories, with different voting rights. They are:

  1. HiQBN Advisory Council [HAC] Only available to quotients of 164 and above, 1 in 250. Voting rights of 5 to 1 votes per HAC member
  2. HiQBN Committee Members [HCM] Quotients of 156 and above, 1 in 100. Voting rights of 2 to 1 votes per HBC member
  3. HiQBN General Members [HGM] Quotients of 148 and above, 1 in 50. Voting rights of 1 to 1 vote per HM member
  4. HiQBN Open Members [HOM] Open to all. No voting rights.

Acceptable membership requirement includes:

  1. Mensa membership (for HOM)
  2. Mensa IQ test results (for HGM or higher)
  3. GMAT (for HOM or higher)
  4. SAT (for HOM or higher)

It’s free to join until December 2020. Our membership is US$100 first entry verification and US$30/year thereafter.

email for membership or join for discussion