HiQBN derives its main strengths from its close relationship with internationally renowned multinational manufacturing and trading companies to offer leading edge technologies and services. As a pioneer in trading business, HiQBN has gained a lot of experience and nurtured a close relationship with the elite government representatives in Nepal which gives HiQBN a comparative advantage and makes HiQBN the most sought after organization for efficient and reliable services.

With its highly efficient and dedicated employees and a worldwide network HiQBN competes on a global market as a reputed trading company. HiQBN has earned the reputation of consistently maintaining the highest standards of quality while meeting the most demanding of delivery schedules. HiQBN has garnered reputation for commitment and reliability not only in Nepal but in the international arena as well.

HiQBN has managed to gain the trust of the government, semi-government, private sectors and financial institutions in Nepal and abroad. HiQBN possesses a reliable financial back-up as per the strong portfolio and the influential and reliable relationship at the government level. HiQBN also holds the capacity to provide suggestions and recommendations in formulating economic policies of the country.

HiQBN prides itself as one of the organizations in the world to boast member with high intellect and intelligence which powers the organization as a whole as member provide depth to the organization by delivering insights and advises to fellow member in a peer-to-peer manner so they can help others while helping themselves simultaneously.